Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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Publicity...the benefits

  • Low Cost
  • Wide Coverage
  • Editorial Coverage more 'believable' than advertising - the reader feels the product has been recommended by the magazine.


Personal Representation...

A unique service whereby we visit the editors of relevant publications regularly and present your press releases personally to ensure they are noticed. Actual product can also be presented and demonstrated and the editor's reaction and publishing intentions can be ascertained.


...and we're international!

We deal with magazines and publications worldwide from the United States and western Europe to Australia the Far East and now emerging markets such as Lithuania!

We are the UK media representatives for Top Performance Magazine in the United Arab Emirates. To advertise or arrange promotions in this magazine please contact us.


Although the internet has made communications and international trade much easier, there is no substitute for having local knowledge and a representative on the ground in your target territories.


We now have an associate agency in Germany to deal with magazines and web publcations in Continental Europe.


We also have a new partner agency in the USA to handle the valuable North American market. These people know their markets and are on first name terms with editors in their areas. If you are looking to publicise your company in new markets we can help!

View some examples below:



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